What We Do


How SKEA can Help you

  • Promote & Propagate widely the awareness and culture of Quality & Excellence throughout Abu Dhabi, the UAE and the Region
  • Enhance Institutional Capacity and Organisational Performance in all sectors of the UAE economy both    public and private
  • Building the Competencies and Capacity of individuals working in Organisations in the UAE
  • Developing a Unified Performance Measurement System based upon International Best Practice and adapted for UAE needs
  • Promote recognized programmes in Quality & Excellence in Abu Dhabi and the UAE
  • Facilitate and Promote Bench marking Opportunities Locally, Regionally and Internationally
  • Develop Ambassadors of Excellence in both Public and Private Organisations
  • Encourage Creativity and Innovation and its applications in industry and other key sectors in Abu Dhabi
  • Recognize Best practices in the various sectors of Abu Dhabi and the UAE economy through the Design and Management of Excellence Awards Programmes
  • Facilitate Communication between public and Private Sector Organizations and Encourage Collaboration