Step 1: Develop Commitment

  • Gain and develop the commitment of senior managers to using Self Assessment.
  • Contact the SKEA Award Office and request a registration form.
  • Complete a registration form and have it signed by the CEO or the highest operational authority in your organisation.
  • Attend the SKEA workshop on how to conduct Self Assessment.
  • Educate senior managers, or teams, in the use of Self Assessment as a driver for continuous improvement.

Step 2 : Plan Self Assessment

  • Identity the appropriate group which will carry out the Self Assessment exercise. Typically, this represents a good mix of senior and middle managers, lead by senior managers as project sponsor.
  • In the large organisations, select early adopters to pilot the process.
  • Define the scope of the organisation undertaking the Self Assessment exercise and the boundaries of the group.
  • Establish Self Assessment guidelines.

Steps 3 : Establish Teams to Perform Self Assessment and Educate

  • Select relevant people to carry out the Self Assessment.
  • Train the people directly involved.

Steps 4 : Communicate Self Assessment Plans

  • Determine the message, the best way to communicate it and who needs to receive it.
  • Emphasize that Self Assessment is not an academic exercise but has a direct impact on customers and business performance.

Steps 5 : Conduct Self Assessment

  • Depending on the approach selected, this may take some time.
  • The Foundation provides information on the various techniques for Self Assessment.

Steps 6 : Establish Action Plan

  • If there have been several Self Assessment across the organisation, consolidate them.
  • Review the improvement opportunities identified.
  • Assign priorities – it will not be possible to address all of the opportunities indentified.
  • Agree responsibilities and milestones for action.
  • Communication the action plan.

Steps 7 : Implement Action Plan

  • Set up improvement teams to address each priority improvement area.
  • Provide appropriate resource.
  • Monitor implementation.