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Posted On 11/21/2012
SKEA’s 12th Cycle Launched and Number of Award-Covered Categories Increased

Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA)’s Programme announced increasing the number of categories to be subsumed under the Award at its 3rd (2012-2013) edition besides expanding the honouring categories to span new ones; namely, those of strategic leadership, excellence in human development, excellence in customer service, in community service, as well as in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

This is in addition to previous categories encompassed by the Award since its inception; that is to say, industry, services, construction, trade, tourism, professional and financial sectors, along with health and education ones introduced last year and the SKEA’s diamond, golden and silver categories.  

“SKEA’s foregoing cycles the number of which stood at 11 ones have witnessed an increase in the number of participants in the Award’s programmes and activities.

This has helped improve awareness amongst executive leaders’ circles in the private sector’s companies and businesses about benchmarks and criteria of quality and excellence,” HE Mohamed Helal Al Muhairi, member of the SKEA Higher Committee and ADCCI’s Director General, said, stressing that “The Award has turned out to play a more effective role at the level of the private sector in Abu Dhabi and enhanced its contribution to sustainable economic development through raising efficiency, developing corporate performance and deepening effectiveness in performing businesses of all operating installations, something which helped curtail cost and improve the quality of products and services produced by the Abu Dhabi-based private companies and businesses”.

Mr. Al Muhairi made mention of the noticeable rise in the number of semi-governmental organizations and petroleum companies participating in the previous round. Add to this, the growing number of companies and businesses from other emirates in the UAE that are expected to take greater part in the new 2012-2013 cycle.

“The creation of four fresh SKEA’s categories underlines the superior standard attained and successes made by it over the past 11 years of its march and deepens the Award’s regional and international image,” he noted, making clear that introducing such categories has come as well to give the chance to those of executive leaders, human development, customer service and social responsibility in addition to other fields deemed to be of paramount importance as to the private sector’s companies and businesses and to Abu Dhabi’s business sector at large,” Mr. Al Muhairi explained.

For his own part, Professor Hadi Altijani, SKEA General Coordinator, said: “The number of sectors covered and spanned by the Award amounted to 11 ones after adding and creating two important sectors at SKEA’s eleventh cycle; that is, those of oil and gas so that it can be an independent sector and one separate from those of services, voluntary organizations and voluntary action”.

One of the most important items created by the SKEA’s Management in this cycle is launching the diamond category’s club, which is a matter of reactivating the partnership between SKEA and the European awards with a view to facilitate the participation of companies and businesses that are winners of the SKEA diamond category in European distinction and excellence awards – a step that is extremely important as it provides an integrated methodology to companies operating in the UAE in general and particularly in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, encouraging and supporting them to take part in awards being adopted and rolled out by European organizations and agencies accredited in the EU countries. Likewise, it helps make easier cooperation with institutions and authorities concerned with organizational excellence in Jordan, Palestine and Egypt, not to mention all the SKEA’s regional partners, Mr. Altijani noted.

SKEA’s General Coordinator explained that the application methodology of companies and businesses willing to enter into the Award’s categories and sectors at its twelfth round has been developed by means of introducing, using and taking up the new EFQM model in the proceedings and activities of the 12th edition, which has been arabicized and its new version launched with considerable support and partnership between SKEA and the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).

Regarding the development of the method and mechanism for submitting the documents of entering into the Award, Professor Altijani noted that: “SKEA’s Management has created the use of a modalities' map which is an instrument for curtailing and bringing the document down from 25 to 15 pages. This reduces the time required and the effort exerted by participants so as to concentrate on actual down-to-earth improvement and development since this is the primary objective of the Award”. He also referred to the on-line application system which provides possible submission of nomination application and relevant documents in a fully electronic manner. Similarly, radical changes have been effected onto the assessment approach carried out by SKEA assessors so that the process of assessment can depend more upon site visits and realistic practical applications of evaluation than upon submission documents in place at present. This would furnish companies and businesses with a greater opportunity for manifesting their capacities and their employees’ skills coupled with pinpointing and highlighting their achievements in reality.

“The SKEA Management has developed an integrated programme for the twelfth cycle and one which makes clear the dates for the nomination applications to be submitted by companies and businesses operating in Abu Dhabi and also fixes date for assessors’ field visits, along with all procedures related to both procedures and organizing specialized workshops on the benchmarks and criteria of the SKEA new model. By the same token, new assessors are going to be trained in the course of this cycle at an average of 3 persons from each and every entity and organization. This is as part of SKEA’s endeavour to materialize the slogan of “Excellence Ambassadors” which has been adopted by the Award since it took off in 1999,” Professor Altijani noted.   

The SKEA Management announced that submission of applications by companies desirous of entering into the Award’s twelfth cycle started yesterday and will continue right to the end of January, 2013. The end of April, 2013, has been also appointed as a deadline for submitting the documents of participation in the activities of the Award at its twelfth round (2012-2013).