Society Results

What the organisation is achieving in relation to local, national and international society as appropriate.

Have you
  • Develop and agree a set of performance indicators and related outcomes to determine the successful deployment of their societal and ecological strategy and related policies, based on the needs and expectations of the relevant external stakeholders.
  • Set clear targets for Key Results based on the needs and expectations of their External Stakeholders, in line with their chosen strategy.
  • Demonstrate positive or sustained good Society Results over at least 3 years.
  • Clearly understand the underlying reasons and drivers of observed trends and the impact these results will have on other performance indicators and related outcomes.
  • Anticipate future performance and results.
  • Understand how the Key Results they achieve compare to similar organisations and use this data, where relevant, for target setting.
  • Segment results to understand the experience, needs and expectations of specific stakeholders within Society.