Our Vision:

To Enable People and Organizations in Abu Dhabi and the UAE to enhance their Performance, competitiveness and achieve world class stature for the Business community at large.

Our Mission:

Working together to provide all necessary support to the UAE Business Community in Abu Dhabi and the UAE in its pursuit of Business Excellence via the wider promotion , adaption and adoption of innovative world class Best Practices in Excellence methodologies and facilitate its implementation as a road map for continuous improvement.


  • Provision of systematic approaches aimed at people development via training & education.
  • Encourage Process management and continuous improvement practices aimed at higher efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.
  • Raising the awareness levels of the business community in relation to all matters pertaining to Quality and Business Excellence principle and practices.
  • Development of “Excellence Ambassadors” who are capable to widely spread the message right across the business community
  • Provision of world class programs on Organisational Assessment and Performance Measurement tools and techniques to create a local base of qualified assessor in Business Excellence.